Unveiled: Interviewing a Wedding Photographer with Dana Burress

When you begin your research for the perfect wedding photographer you will likely get overwhelmed very quickly.  There are MANY different choices out there and no standard to use to compare your options. There may not be an obvious reason why one photographer only offers 1 package while another offers 5 packages.  There may not […]

Unveiled: What to Ask before you hire a Wedding Videographer

Ever wish you could go back and relive a moment in history?  Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the sound of your first word or the voice of a long lost loved one?  A wedding videographer can beautifully capture all the emotions of your wedding day and let you relive all the moments and music.  […]

Unveiled: Questions to ask a DJ with Jason Shields

A great DJ does so much more than music. From the time your guests enter the door of the reception your DJ is the Master of Ceremony. The music is part of the atmosphere to honor your celebration but the DJ has many other responsibilities.  You might need them to provide a sound system for […]

Unveiled: Interviewing Caterers for your Wedding with Michaelis Events

Catering can be a complicated decision to make because everyone has very different tastes and you want to satisfy all your guests.  You will have to make choices about the style of the meal: buffet or sit-down?  You will have to choose the entrees: chicken, roast, or fish? You have to choose the types of dinnerware: […]

Unveiled: What to Know Before you Meet a Florist about Wedding Bouquets

Back in the Middle Ages and the time of Ancient Rome brides carried wedding bouquets to symbolize new beginnings, fidelity, fertility, and to ward off evil spirits.  Now, the bouquet is an essential part of a modern bride’s attire, completing the ensemble with natural elegance. Beyond the bridal bouquet, flowers will add visual beauty and […]

Unveiled: What to do Before you go Wedding Gown Shopping

Truthfully, finding the right wedding gown may not be an easy choice, it could potentially put a big dent in your wedding budget, and may take months to process, order, and alter. So it shouldn’t be put off until the last minute. The perfect gown is a visual representation of your wedding day style and […]

Unveiled: Tips for Hiring a Wedding Planner with Lorrie Hanners

How do you know when hiring a wedding planner is a good idea? Well, a good wedding day is like a tree. It would fall over without all the roots working together to hold it up.  On your wedding day there will be many things happening (all at the same time) and it is going […]

Unveiled: Create a Budget for your Wedding with Sharon Rumsey

The first thing you have to do after you get engaged is very SEXY…. You have to make a BUDGET!!!  LOL!  Seriously… it’s not sexy but it is the most important thing you will do to help keep your sanity.  Sharon Rumsey, owner of A Perfect Plan Event Planning, believes you can have an epic wedding […]

8 Do’s and Do Not’s for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Congrats on your engagement! You have found your soulmate and picked a date to celebrate your unending love.  Now, who should you trust to capture this once in a lifetime event so that you can relive all of your most precious memories? Choosing a wedding photographer doesn’t come with any guarantees so make sure you […]

7 Tips for Surviving Rain on your Wedding Day

The weather is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for rain on your wedding day. Take some time and consider what you will need to do if a rainy day comes your way. Some of these tips will help you get started. One – Talk to the Venue Before you choose a […]

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