What does your wedding day mean to you? Is this a moment you've been dreaming of since your childhood? Are you excited (and a little nervous) to stand in front of your friends and family to commit your unending love for each other? Is this the start of a beautiful adventure together?

A true Love story never ends

A wedding is just the beginning of your lifelong love story. All the emotions that you have felt up to this point: happiness, excitement, patience, nervousness, anxiety, fun, and of course love will be brought together on a single day to catapult your relationship into something new. That is why each conversation, surprise, detail and feeling has importance on your wedding day. 

Sadly, these moments become only memories as soon as they happen. After you say “I do,” the flowers will wilt, the tux gets returned, the food and cake is eaten, the decorations will be put away, and your beautiful gown will probably be dirty or stained. However, your memories can remain vivid and beautiful as if they just happened. Ten, twenty, or fifty years from now you can look back at your wedding day photographs and relive all the fun, laughter, smiles, and tears of joy!

Your wedding day will become the foundation for your marriage and each memory you keep will strengthen it. From now until forever, you will want to look back and share the best memories of this day.  

Nothing will feel better than walking into your home every day and seeing an image hanging on the wall that signifies the beginning of the special bond that you created. Then each year on your anniversary (or whenever the mood hits) you can open your wedding album and reminisce with each other, your kids, family, or friends about how you started your romance and how it has been the best adventure of your lifetime!