In the early stages of selecting a photographer you will have questions about packages and contracts. These are important things you should consider, but aren't necessarily the ultimate deciding factors when choosing who will photograph your wedding.  

Customer service and communication begins before you sign a contract. These values will continue throughout the planning process and will make the biggest difference on your wedding day. They are the foundation of the friendship and trust I give to each customer that honors me by including me on such a special day in their lives. You can trust that I understand your needs and desires to capture the moments as they happen so that you can hold onto each memory. This trust will help ease your anxiety and create a stress-free day full of fun, laughter, lots of love, and beautiful artistic photographs!  

Working together to make your wedding day magical

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Your engagement session is an important step in preparing for your wedding. We will use this opportunity to get to know each other better and help you feel more comfortable interacting and showing emotions in front of the camera. Therefore, creating a more relaxed environment and better pictures too! You can use the images from your engagement session as a window for others to discover more about your relationship by highlighting your favorite hobbies or sharing some of your history (like revisiting your first date location or where the proposal happened). You can also use the images to customize decorations at your reception such as a guestbook or a metal print on the entry table.

Keeping things simple while planning a wedding can be difficult. For the photography, online forms are emailed to you that are customizable to your unique event and needs. They are easy to complete and can be altered as needed because sometimes even the best plans have to be adjusted. For this reason, I am delighted to be the secret weapon in your corner that has knowledge and can discuss options with you in order to help you choose the best answer. There isn't a replacement for experience and I've witnessed hundreds of weddings over the past 12 years.  

The services I offer have been developed keeping your needs and desires as the top priority. You will spend countless hours and valuable money planning your wedding to perfection. Every integral moment, interaction, and little detail will be captured by two photographers so that all the angles are covered.  

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Then the products of my Signature Line will become your legacy. A custom-designed Signature Wedding Album will be produced for you to be able to share the complete story with friends, family, and generations to come. You will also appreciate an artist-designed Signature Image that is a photograph inspired, created, edited and then printed to be a unique representation of all your wedding day bliss in a single image. Finally, the Signature Sparkler photo is a fun and romantic way to end the night with an unforgettable moment.  

Very soon your wedding day will be over but your marriage is only beginning. Make the most of every milestone in your life. Vacations. Graduations. First home. Kids. Also, appreciate the simple pleasures. Date nights. New hobbies. Netflix. Encourage each other and before you know it your love story has become an epic adventure.