Your listing will make the

Professional Real Estate Photography!

Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos. Is your click rate low on new listings? Unimpressive images might be reason buyers keep scrolling.

The session will last approximately one to two hours. The images will be edited and returned to you within one to two working days. If there is a deadline then please mention it before scheduling. Most rooms will be photographed from a minimum of 2 angles and I'll provide multiple images from the exterior of the property.  You can also make requests to highlight certain aspects of the property. 




Number of Images

Recommended Sq Footage


up to 2200


2201 - 3000


3001 - 4800



Same Day Rush
This is perfect when you need ALL the pictures back in a hurry. 

Aerial/Drone Photos
Sometimes the best view is 50-300 feet in the air. Aerial photos are the best way to highlight acreage, landscaping, and fantastic views.  You will get about 8-10 photos from different angles of the property.

• 3D Virtual Tour
Do you want your listings to get more priority on Zillow?  Then a Virtual Tour is your answer! Zillow has stated that it will prioritize your listing results if you include a virtual tour. These tours are created using a 360˚ camera and gives the potential buyer a first-person view of the property. They can select the rooms they want to view and feel like they are actually standing in the room.

• Floorplans
A 2D diagram of the layout of the property.  This information is a great way to help potential buyers visualize the home and the way the rooms are arranged.

You can select the session that has the number of images that you desire regardless of the size of the property.  To make your decision a little easier, my recommendations are indicated below.  Session price start at $100.

benefits of hiring Dana Burress Photography

• SAVE TIME! - You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop because I will photograph and edit the images for you.  I'll make sure the pictures are clear and bright, the colors look true to life, and that the skies are blue everyday.  

• GIVE THE HOMEOWNER ANOTHER REASON TO SIGN WITH YOU AND REFER THEIR FRIENDS - The work you do behind the scenes may not always be understood - but hiring a professional photographer is a gift that you can give your clients and they will probably brag about it!

• LESS TRAVEL - ONE LESS TRIP TO THE PROPERTY MEANS MORE TIME TO WORK ON YOUR TO-DO LIST - and I don't charge travel fees for Nelson, Washington, Marion, Bullitt, Hardin, Taylor and Jefferson counties.

• EASY PREPARATION - I provide a checklist of items to help prepare the homeowner for the photo shoot.  They will appreciate your expertise and you will have a tool to make the "decluttering" conversation go smoother. 

• WORRY LESS ABOUT TAKING BAD PHOTOS - You are getting a true professional photographer. I have over 18 years of photography experience.  I have been operating a full-time photography business since 2008. I am dedicated to further learning, improvements and excellence in photography.  

• CAMERA EQUIPMENT IS EXPENSIVE. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STILL GET THE BEST - I use professional grade Canon cameras and lenses. 


1. Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster compared to other homes. (PR Newswire)
2. Homes with high quality photos receive 47% higher asking price per square foot. (
3. Agents who outsource photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. (
4. Homes with professional photos get 61% more views. (REDFIN)

4 Facts you Need to know about Real Estate Photography

• I've worked as a full-time photographer since 2004.
• Before becoming a photographer I worked as a wedding videographer.
• I live in Bardstown, Kentucky with my husband and two daughters.
• I've seen over 100 Broadway shows. 
• Spaghetti is my comfort food.
• I volunteer as the photography club leader for the Nelson County 4H Club.
• Disney World is my favorite vacation spot.  My husband proposed to me in front of Cinderella's castle. 


"There's no place like home." - Dorothy

I love working as a real estate photographer because it gives me a way to help people not just buy a house, but to make a home that is filled with memories and families.

Please schedule the session at a time of day that the sun is on the front of the house.  

Ask the owner if there are any large shadows from trees or other structures that would be distracting in the photos. 

Best time to schedule

I want the photos of the home to be the best they can be. I ask that all staging and cleaning be done prior to my arrival.

Download a convenient checklist to use to educate the homeowner on preparing the home for real estate photography.

Preparing the homeowner

things to think about ahead of time


I am not responsible and will not partake in any of the following duties while photographing the home:

I Do Not:
• Move or re-arrange furniture
• Make beds, clean, dust or de-clutter
• Pick up toys or yard items
• "Photoshop" vehicles, walls, damaged walls, power lines, wall pictures, cords, etc.
• Touch personal bathroom supplies (shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, towels)


A second trip will incur an additional $25 charge if requested by the agent or seller. For example, if you want the outside photographed a particular day but need the inside photographed on a separate day. There will also be an additional charge if I arrive at the scheduled time and the seller is not ready for the photo shoot and asks me to come back at another time.  

Second Trip Charge

Still have questions?  Contact me!